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Ecosmotech 27 years of experience in rising damp control

We advise and solve damp problems

Advising on the different types of dampness and the solution to them requires expert inspection. Initially we can point out three types: Penetration dampness, condensation dampness

and capillary dampness.


At Ecosmotech we specialise in all types of dampness, especially in dampness that comes from the subsoil, on the ground floor, called capillary or rising damp that rises up to approximately one meter in height and whose elimination is based on the installation of electroosmosis systems.

Send photos or videos of your damp problems
and we will advise you

for free about the solution

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Existing damp problems in built structures in Spain

Examining Spanish houses, both old and new, it is evident that construction materials vary greatly, ranging from stone and mud to modern brick. In some older houses there may be a mixture of all of these materials and more, as some of the older houses were not built but "grew over a period of several years."

This makes the problem worse and removal of rising damp more difficult. The solution through injection systems, although effective, faces problems due to the lack of information about the structure and materials used during the "growth of the property."

More modern building systems have been developed over the last 40 or 50 years. Most modern buildings are built with a reinforced concrete structure. The steel bars used in this type of construction are easily corroded by the salts that rise with dampness.

If you are looking for properties for sale, the age of the house and the materials used to build it should be the main considerations. It is essential to check if there are humidity problems, taking into account that there are ways to solve it and one of the most practical and profitable methods is electroosmosis.

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