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The anti-damp system by electroosmosis protects the health of adults, children and animals

Dampness removal by electroosmosis protects your health

The mold problem is also endemic in most properties that suffer from damp problems. This can result in a serious health risk. This terrible mold is a contributing factor to diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), this mold is responsible for aggravating more than "100 types of lung disorders." 

The electroosmosis system is totally healthy because it is free of chemicals, being respectful of the environment and will never harm people, pets or farm animals. 

Electroosmotic moisture waterproofing systems do not affect pacemakers, mobile phones or any household appliances.

Protect your health by
solving damp problems

It is essential that you quickly correct all damp and mold problems that exist in your home since continued exposure to mold encourages serious health problems that can even lead to death. 

Symptoms and severity of mold on your health

Mold symptoms usually begin with headaches, breathing problems, cough, irritated eyes, sinus infections, digestive problems, or dizziness.

With some people being more sensitive than others to the effects of mold, some family members may experience severe symptoms, while others may not appear to be affected.

A person may show severe symptoms if they fall into any of these categories: infants and young children, older people, people with pre-existing breathing problems (such as asthma or allergies), and people with a compromised immune system due to complicated medical situations, such as cancer treatments or medications used for organ transplant patients.

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