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Electroosmosis is a process discovered two hundred years ago by a German scientist who found that water moved from a positive anode to a negative cathode when a current was applied. 
We solve rising damp

Using electroosmosis technology, we apply a small voltage between two electrodes. On the wall to be repaired, we place several platinum-plated anodes that are connected to a grounded conductor through a small power supply. The process forces water from the walls to be drawn toward the cathode (the ground conductor) and prevents more water from rising through the walls. 

As water withdraws from the structure, it takes with it most of the salts deposited inside, salts that we see on the walls, even on the floor as "sweats" of active moisture. The salts or "saltpeter" deposited inside the walls are what cause the biggest problem.

Salt crystals shrink in size during the day as they dry out from home heating or the sun. At night, as the temperature drops, humidity generally increases and salts absorb water from within the walls and from the air, causing them to expand. 

This process is why damp homes often have loose paint and in more extreme cases, plaster, cement or even tile or stone veneer falls off and floors lift due to the destructive effects of the deposited salts.

Installation and post installation
Due to the simplicity of installation, the systems can be installed from either side of the walls and typically require two to three days to complete the job.
The system itself presents a simple installation, but once dry, the treated walls must be cleaned and finished with traditional masonry systems.
Once installed, the osmosis waterproofing system begins to work immediately. Users can select the preferred waterproofing option with an electronic voltage regulator with digital readout, allowing continuous monitoring of the osmosis waterproofing course.
The end result leaves a much nicer and healthier home that requires less time and money to maintain winter temperatures.
The current used by our system is approximately 5-10 volts and 20mA. Annual consumption is usually less than 1 KWH, costing less than 10 cents.
The energy for equipment maintenance can be connected to the electrical grid or to an independent or generic solar panel.
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Where to use the electroosmotic system?
  • Walls full of rubble.

  • Stone walls in general.

  • Ground Floor Wood Floors: The Electroosmosis Damp Proofing System is the only rising damp treatment that can be installed in masonry walls over wood floor joists to conduct excess moisture to a level below them.

What warranty
does it have?

All electroosmotic systems supplied and installed by Ecosmotech consist of industrial grade titanium wire with platinum plated anodes. 

These systems have been installed in over 100,000 properties worldwide over the last forty years and, as the materials are virtually indestructible, all installations come with a 25-year warranty.

Contact us and we will solve your rising damp

We are located in the south of Andalusia, from here we offer the installation of electroosmosis equipment throughout Spain and Portugal. 

If you send us a video or a photographic report showing the meters affected by humidity, we can provide an estimate of the cost of the repair. In addition, we can visit the site to prepare a fixed quote and, in this way, specify the duration of the work and the subsequent process.

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